In response to the need for more primary school teachers in the country, the government established Seke Teachers’ College covering both Harare and Chitungwiza where there was no such institution. Seke Teachers’ College is therefore, one of the ten primary Teachers’ Colleges in Zimbabwe whose mandate is to produce quality primary school teachers for the nation.

Seke Teachers’ College opened its doors to its first Intake of 193 Pre-service students in 1981. Of interest, is the fact that the present Belvedere Teachers’ College was born, launched and started operating from Seke Teachers’ College grounds in 1982 before relocating to its present site. This was followed by the official opening of Seke Teachers’ College by the then Prime Minister (Cde Robert Gabriel Mugabe) of the newly Independent Zimbabwe on 25 June 1983. In the same year (1983) the college had 193 third year students, 195 second year students, 376 first year students, 40 doing Pre-school education courses and 100 mature students on the Professional In-service course.

On 4 January 1992, the college had an official visit from members of the University of Zimbabwe’s Institute of Education and was granted full status as an associate college of the University of Zimbabwe in retrospect (from 1 January 1981).

At its inception the college offered the following programmes:

  • Infant specialist course, designed to prepare teachers for Grades 1 and 2.
  • The General Course, designed to prepare teachers to teach from Grade 1 – 7.

Seke Teachers’ College pioneered the Diploma in Early Childhood Education in 2004. In 2009, the college enrolled six Namibian students into the Diploma in Early Childhood Education. This was in response to the SADC protocol on co-operation in the area of education. The college also has a partnership programme with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) where members from Japan join the college as volunteers in the areas of ICT, Music and Physical Education.

The leading national producer of high quality primary school teachers.

To produce innovative primary school teachers with scientific and technical knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for professional growth that meet best practices.

Basic principles that the college uphold The college upholds the PPITCHEU principles explained as follows:

  • Professionalism: By professionalism we mean innovativeness, reliability, creativity, tolerance and knowledge.
  • Patriotism: Being loyal to one’s country
  • Inclusivity: By inclusivity we mean accommodating diverse needs and competences at various levels.
  • Transparency: By transparency we mean fairness and openness.
  • Commitment: By commitment we mean dedication.
  • Honesty: By honesty we mean integrity and truthfulness.
  • Entrepreneurship: By entrepreneurship we mean wealth creation through honest means.
  • Ubuntu/Unhu: Humanity towards others
  • To produce primary school teachers in General Course and Early Childhood Development.
  • To manage financial human and material resources.
  • To train for entrepreneurship.
  • To embrace inclusivity.
  • To instill social and moral values.